Product Overview

AVCS Maxima is the most comprehensive and advanced suite to create Digital Album. This powerful engine has the capacity to create beautiful albums in minutes and so is known for its maximum output. SELECT & CHOOSE is bundled with MAXIMA & is used to copy protect Pictures from unauthorized copying in to computers & also has a superfine selection tool that simplifies the work with correct picture selection.

Highlighted Features
Photo Locking & Protection with Access Parameters like Number of Days and Number of Run.
Easy Picture Drag & Drop for faster album creation
More than 1200 Ready to Use Templates
Huge Library of Borders, Masks, Cliparts, Metallic Frames, Text Effects & Backgrounds
Design your Own Templates
Advance Retouching & Color Correction with Make-Up tools
Hair Cutting tool for Background Extraction
Auto Album Designing tool Designs 30 to 40 pages in 20 minutes
Batch Color Correction with Auto Retouching & Resizing
Watermark option protects images from unauthorized printing
Works with any PSD design
Print your designs from any lab or printer


Makes Album Designing Fast and Easy: Using AVCS MAXIMA, Photographers can create Digital Albums in minutes. This is possible with a range of 1200 ready-to-use templates and host of instant features. Photographers now do not require any artistic or computer skills to use AVCS MAXIMA as it is very simple to use and learn.

Improves Productivity: With AVCS MAXIMA, complete Albums can be created in less than a hour which otherwise would take a lot of time to design using other traditional imaging software, this results in more number of Albums to be created within the same time and with less efforts.

Provides Value-for-Money: AVCS MAXIMA has been designed for Photographers who always wanted a tool that works with photoshop and makes photoshop features faster than ever and who wish to provide a creative touch to their album creations and want a fast & easy solution that can do so. The net Return on Investment is seen from the first couple of orders itself making it the only product doing so.

Multiple Format Support

AVCS MAXIMA supports all the standard file formats like PSD, TARGA, JPG, BMP, TIF and almost all the graphic formats except RAW.


Auto Retouching

Pictures can be Retouch Automatically by selecting the Auto Finish Button. Skin Softness can be set by the Enhance Smoothness Slider. Portraits & Group Pictures Can be Retouch with Different Option.

Hair Extraction & Dragging it to PSD FILE

Any Portrait that is exposed in front of a plain background can be used for the hair extraction. White Background is the most Suitable for Hair Extraction & can be changed to Any Background. After Changing the Background The picture can be Drag to any Design or Template to be used in the Album.


Template Resizing

Designs can be made in any Size. You can resize the Designs by adding the Values of Height, Width & Resolution in the album size option.


Picture Tab with Multiple Picture Folder Adding

There is an option of Adding Multiple Picture Folders in Picture Tab. Pictures can be accessed from any folder just by making a tick mark on that particular folder. You can see the Thumbnail of the pictures & there is also a USED mark give on that pictures that is Used one time in the Design.


Template Gallery with Multiple Template Load at a time

You can Browse Designs from any part of the Drive. Once the Folders are added you can preview the thumbnails of the designs just by adding a mark on the folder & clicking on the load Button.


Color Correction Tab

Color Balance is Given to Adjust the Colors of the Picture in a Batch Mode. You can set the colors and Brightness & Contrast of the Entire Picture Folder With the Match of a Particular Picture.


Automate Features that Works in Batch Mode

There are Automate Options that can be used in batch mode. By clicking on the Buttons like Auto Color, Auto Finish etc. All pictures in a selected folder will be done with same settings you made in a single click in batch mode.


Single Color De-Saturation with Rubbing

You can de-saturate a particular color or particular are in the picture. By just clicking the color you want to de-saturate or by clicking the rub color if you want to de-saturate a particular area in a picture.

Import Files to Perform Automatic Operations

To perform some operations in a batch mode you have to mention a picture folder that contains the PSD or JPG file. By this you can select the Picture & Design Folder and perform the Auto album Designing or PSD to JPG or Watermarking Or Color Corrections etc.


Open Templates with Thumbnail Preview

You can View thumbnails of all the templates Installed & also can open Templates by just Double Clicking on a Particular template that you want to Open.


Readymade Picture Tones

There are Several picture tones Given. To apply a picture tone Select the Picture & Click on the Tone That you want to Apply.


Readymade Lighting Effects

There are Several Lightings Effect Given. To apply a Lighting Effect Select the Picture & Click on the Light That you want to Apply.


Readymade Shades Effects

There are Several Shades Given. To apply a Shade Select the Picture & Click on the Shade That you want to Apply.


Automatic Color Correction

Colors & White Balance can be adjusted Automatically.


Automatic Retouching

You can Remove All the Blemishes, Wrinkles, Spots, Marks from the Face or Any Skin Area Automatically or Manually


Make-Up with Skin Color Effects.

You can do the Make-Up on a normal Picture. Effects like Sparkles, Face Color, Eye Lashes Colors, Lips Color, Lips Liner etc can be used to enhance the pictures with Make-up Effects.


Hair Extraction

Hair Extraction can be used to any picture that contains a single color background like White, Grey, Yellow etc. You can change the Background & place the picture to any Design of your choice.


Different Color Tones

You can apply different tones to the Picture like Black & White, Sepia, Cool tone, Warm tone, etc.


Enhance & Rub Color

You can use the Auto Skin De-saturation mode to apply different look to your picture.


Picture Cutting & Placements

You can change a Picture background & can save the File in .Tiff Format then you can directly open the Cutting Images from the Picture Tab


Vignette & Shades

Different shades can be applied.


Pic Tones

Different Color tones Can be Applied


Lighting Effects

Different Lighting Effects Can be Applied.


Auto Contrast

There is an option That set the Contrast of the Picture Automatically.


Frames Collection

There are more than 150 Frames Bundled with the Software. You can also create your Own frames.


Backgrounds Collection

There are more than 300 backgrounds Supplied with the Software. You can also add your own Backgrounds in Jpg Format.


Masks Collection

There are more that 1000 Masks Bundled with the Software. You can Create your own masks & can save in the mask Folder.


Borders Collection

There are more than 500 Borders Bundled with the Software. You can create Your own Borders & can be saved in the Borders Category.


Clip-Arts Collection

There are more than 500 Clip-Arts Bundled with the Software. You can create your own Clip-Arts Gallery with your own Cliparts



There are more than 100 Text Effects.

Mask Glow & Drop Shadow

You can apply the Outer & Inner Glow Effects on the Shape with Different Colors.


Export the Design to any Format.

Final Designs Can be Exported in any format like JPG, PSD, Tiff etc. You can print the designs from Any Lab